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Did you know a website is considered out of date if the design is older than 2 years. This is why one of the most common requests we have at White Web Designs of Royston is to refresh or re-design an outdated website design. We are able to take your old out-dated web design along with all of its content and recreate a fresh new design that will be eye-catching, fully responsive and SEO optimised.

Two thirds of internet use is made up of mobile devices. Mobile device advances mean that web surfing on the go is more popular than desktop surfing. Optimising your website for mobile use is a no-brainer so the user experience is easy to use. At White Web Designs we ensure that we design our websites with mobile browsing in mind as we believe it is crucial to the success of the website. Google has recently announced that they have changed the way that they rank your website in search results.

A common issue with website design is that all internet browsers render websites differently. You can look at your website from your home computer using Google Chrome but a friend might look at the same website on Safari from an iPhone and get a completely different browsing experience. The reason for this is all browsers and devices translate the code that makes up your website slightly differently. White Web Designs of Royston solve this problem by utilising a variety of different browsers to fully test your site during development and try to eliminate any such errors occurring.

Designing a websites layout and structure is incredibly important, but equally as important is the colour theme. Selecting a colour theme and sticking to it is a good idea to allow repeat customers to recognise your website. Part of branding yourself is coming up with a different colour theme from your competitors.

responsive web design image showing 4 devices
Falling Devices responsive web design 5 devices

Once a website is loaded, it will take the average user only half a second to decide if they like certain aspects of a website. So you have to create a good first impression. This is why at White Web Designs, we take website design very seriously. 94% of website users have said that the design of a website has been the deciding factor of wether or not they trust the services being offered.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

2.9 billion Google searches are performed every single day. When producing website content, SEO must be one of the main considerations. We can help you understand whats needed to help increase you search rankings and ensure you you customers find you. At White Web Designs of Royston we don’t offer SEO as an additional service. We like to leave the content writing to the client and offer advice on how best to maximise its performance, at the end of the day we can’t be experts in every industry and when it comes down to the clients service we believe the clients knows best.

The Next Steps

We take a organised approach to planning and delivering each project be it Web Design or Logo Design.


The first step is simple, Get In Touch! Let us know what you require. Are you looking for a logo re-design, a new website or even both.


Once what you require has been assessed we will discuss in detail how we can help deliver the best result offering suggestions where our expertise warrants it and drawing up a conceptual plan of action.


We will put together a quote for you to approve. This will be outlined in a contract so you can rest assured the work being done is clear and concise for both parties involved.


Now a quote has been approved we will start working on your project. We will follow a plan of action outlined in the contract and to ensure you know exactly how your project is getting along we will keep you regularly updated with screenshots or work in progress. 

Sign Off

Once development is complete and you are 100% satisfied with the work done, we will hand off the finished project to you. With our maintenance package we will always be on hand to help with any issues that may arise. Contact us to find out more about the maintenance packages available.

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